Why 20 Minutes of Reading Every Night Is Too Important To Skip!

Thank you to Sandy Eiges of L.A. School Scout for having me as a guest contributor to her newsletter with the blog post below!  You can learn more about Sandy’s School Placement services at https://laschoolscout.com

After a full school day and afternoon activity, most kids understandably want to get their homework done as fast as possible and then chill out. But parents, please don’t skip the 20 minutes of nightly reading! Reading develops literacy which is vital for communication, perspective, problem solving, and finding new areas of interest.

A study of elementary school students revealed that students learn word meanings from context during daily reading. It was determined that daily reading results in reliable gains in knowledge at all grade and ability levels

This is demonstrated by examining three 6th graders: Alice reads for 20 minutes each day. By doing so, she will have read for 3600 minutes and read 1,800,000 words during the school year. In comparison, Betty reads 5 minutes each day, which means she will have read for 900 minutes and read 282,000 words during the school year. And for further comparison, Carol reads for 1 minute each day, which means she has read for 180 minutes and read 8,000 words per school year.

By the end of 6th grade, Alice will have read the equivalent of 60 school days. Betty will have read for 12 school days and Carol will have read for three hours of a school day. Which student is likely to have a bigger vocabulary? Which student is likely to have more success in school?

So have your child read to themselves, read to you, or you can read to your child. If your child is an emerging reader, you can take turns each reading a page. The key is to make nightly reading pleasurable! If your child enjoys being read to, allow them to choose the book and cuddle up as you read. By being read to, your child can enjoy the book without the stress of decoding the words. If possible, choose a hardbound book because the tactile component allows a child to “see” the beginning, middle and the end of a book. Make daily reading part of your child’s day. The payoff is truly measurable!

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