Valentines Day in High School: The Possibility of Romance….

               “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.”

Valentine’s Day in high school often takes on the adult aura of the holiday. While teens enjoy the thrill and excitement of a possible new romance, there is also additional pressure. Your child may feel nervous about this aspect of high school or feel sad if his feelings for someone are not returned. Parents may also worry that their child’s romantic relationship is going too fast. Valentine’s Day provides an opportunity for parents to share their values and expectations regarding dating as they address these issues.

If your high school student isn’t interested in the romantic aspect of the holiday, suggest alternative activities. Your child and her friends can bake treats to be delivered to a local shelter. Or teens can visit an animal rescue organization and share their love with abandoned dogs. Or perhaps a bake sale to raise funds for heart disease.

Pro-Tip: Teach your child that Valentine’s Day is a holiday to show both love and appreciation. Have your child give Valentine’s Day cards to their college counselor and guidance counselor to show gratitude for their support. Other worthy recipients are the teachers who wrote your child’s Letters of Recommendations in their college applications

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