My Experience

I began my professional career as an attorney in Los Angeles. Then, twenty years ago, my child started kindergarten, and a few weeks later I received a phone call from the teacher. She informed me that my child could not sit still during circle time and could not sustain focus.

I immediately tuned out because my heart was racing and tears were flowing down my cheeks as she spoke in acronyms and phrases that I could not understand. Thus began my new life.

I began taking classes in the field of education and I went on to earn a Masters Degree in Counseling, with an emphasis in School Counseling. I am now a Board Certified Counselor and School Counselor as well as a Certified Parent Educator. I have worked as a school counselor in a public middle school, a public high school, and at a private, independent school for over fifteen years.

I offer my students and families assistance with school related issues including learning challenges, struggles with homework and tests, making and keeping friends, as well as emotional issues such as depression and anxiety.

Over the years, I have found a true passion and affinity for working with parents. I understand the feeling in the pit of your stomach when you notice your child isn’t meeting the predicted milestones. I feel compassion for the fear of making an appointment for a neuropsychological assessment and the worry about what the results will reveal.

I truly empathize with the pressure that parents feel about raising a child in today’s hyper-competitive world.  I can offer suggestions and guidance for the day-to-day struggles that come with parenting a child, teenager or young adult.

I work with the parents of neurotypical children, as well as neurodiverse children who are challenged with an array of learning differences including ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia,  executive functioning, auditory processing, and receptive and expressive language issues.

I am here to support and hold your hand through your parenting journey. And from my professional and personal experience, I can assure you there is joy and triumph on the other side.

You can become the parent you want to be! Your child’s future is bright with unlimited potential. Together we can work through the emotional upheaval inherent in parenting a child to find happiness and success for you and your child. I believe in you!


  • Bachelor of Science in Communication, Arizona State University
  • Juris Doctor, Pepperdine University School of Law
  • Masters of Science in Counseling, Specialty: School Counseling

Professional Certification/Credentials/Associations:                                                                         

  • National Board Certified Counselor
  • National Board Certified School Counselor
  • Certified Parent Educator, UCLA
  • Certified, Positive Discipline Parenting
  • Pupil Personnel Services Credential, CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing
  • California Association of School Counselors
  • American School Counselors Association
  • Board Member, International Dyslexia Association – Los Angeles (IDA-LA)
  • Member, California State Bar #155253


  • Director of Community Outreach, Advance LA  – The Help Group (2017 – present)
  • School Counselor, Westmark School 2004 – 2017
  • Crisis Counselor, Crisis Text Line (2017 – present)
  • Facilitator, Parent Support Group, International Dyslexia Association – Los Angeles (2017 – present)

If you would like to know more about how I assist and support parents, please email me at