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Support For Children With Developmental and Learning Delays

I attended a wonderful educational conference on September 23 by the Child Success Foundation. Through grants, the Child Success Foundation provides funding to families who have children struggling with learning and developmental delays to access therapies they otherwise could not afford. The funding provides occupational, speech, and educational therapies, specialty programs, and camps for children with developmental and learning delays.

The focus of the conference was the “Outside The Box” child. Presenters discussed what school behaviors require further evaluation, what resources are available and when it is time to look for a specialized school.  Further topics of discussion were how to best support children to learn to self regulate, to develop the necessary skills to move toward independence, and how to assist children who struggle with anxiety to move from uncertainly to security. It was a wonderful day filled with sharing information and personal stories.

If you would describe your child as “Outside The Box” and you are feeling overwhelmed about how to best address his or her strengths and challenges, I am here to help! Please give me a call at 310-849-6751 or send me an email at

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