My Approach

I know that parenting a child can feel overwhelming but there is no need to go it alone!  My approach is success by choice, not by chance. You can do this!

I provide short term, insight-oriented and solution focused counseling to assist you to find the inner strength to handle the challenges you are facing. I utilize Positive Discipline Parenting and Reflective Parenting as tools to assist my clients to achieve their goals.

I will support you as you learn to feel more competent and confident in your ability to parent your child in a manner that is peaceful and knowledgeable.

I can assist with the following:

  • taking the steps to build your parenting skills.
  • how to increase positive family communication and improve family relationships.
  • how to define parenting roles and set boundaries.
  • strategies for resolving school related academic issues.
  • dealing with homework battles or school avoidance/refusal.
  • assisting your child to navigate social situations (bullying, exclusion).
  • determine if your child has learning challenges, and how to seek an assessment if necessary.
  • determining if your child should stay at his or her current school.
  • handling the transition to a new school environment.
  • asking your child’s teacher for accommodations.
  • learning to live with a teenager.
  • preparing for YOUR life once your child leaves for college.
  • parenting a young adult, age 18 -25.

If you would like to know more about how I assist and support parents to find solutions to the issues you are facing, please email me at